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Singer 27KCirca : 1919 Detail Summary Gallery Description Long form description here …. Post bed Details TypeUseDriveFeedBed Location See more like this one…

History of the Woolsack and UK Wool trade The Woolsack is the seat of the Lord Speaker in the House of Lords Chamber. The Woolsack… Read More »The Wool Sack

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A British Industrial,Specialist Head Only sewing machine for Buttons use made in the 1910’s by Singer company.

A British Industrial Other sewing machine for Heavy Duty use made in the 1920’s by Jones company.


Fig. 12 shows the third stage. The under thread has been enclosed by the needle thread, and the thread take-up lever is being raised to… Read More »OSCILLATING HOOK

ROTARY HOOK Under Thread Enclosed by Needle Thread Fig. 13 shows the third stage. The loop of needle thread has been cast off from the… Read More »ROTARY HOOK