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White Manufacturing Company

The White Sewing Machine Company was a sewing machine company founded in 1858 in Templeton, Massachusetts, by Thomas H. White and based in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1866¹. The company produced various models of sewing machines, such as the Gem, the Peerless, and the Rotary. The company also diversified into other products, such as automobiles, bicycles, typewriters, and appliances. The company was acquired by Electrolux in 1986 and its sewing machines were rebranded as Husqvarna-Viking in 2006².

Some interesting facts about the White Sewing Machine Company are:

  • The company was one of the first to obtain licenses from Howe and Wilson to use their patented designs, unlike many other sewing machine manufacturers at the time³.
  • The company claimed to have the largest factory in England exclusively making first-class sewing machines in 1893³.
  • The company’s original logo featured a red letter S with a girl sitting on it, which became a well-known trademark throughout the world².

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