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Jones Manufacturing Company

The Jones Sewing Machine Company was a British manufacturer of sewing machines that operated from 1860 to 1968. It was founded by William Jones and Thomas Chadwick under the name Chadwick and Jones, but later became known as the Jones Sewing Machine Company. The company produced various models of sewing machines, such as the Serpent Neck, the Family CS, and the Cat-Back. The company was acquired by Brother Industries of Japan in 1968⁴.

Some interesting facts about the Jones Sewing Machine Company are:

– The company was honest and obtained licenses to use designs from Howe and Wilson, unlike many other sewing machine manufacturers at the time³.
– The company claimed to have the largest factory in England exclusively making first-class sewing machines in 1893³.
– The company made machines under different names when ordering over 100 machines, such as CWS, Whiteley’s Universal, Federation, Eclipse, and The Favourite³.
– The company had a royal connection, as Princess Alexandra and later Queen Alexandra used a Jones machine³.

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