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Howe Manufacturing Company

The Howe Sewing Machine Company was a sewing machine company founded in 1854 by Amasa B. Howe, the elder brother of Elias Howe, the inventor of the lock stitch sewing machine. The company was based in New York and produced various models of sewing machines, such as the Empire, the Pearl, and the Little Wanzer. The company also exported machines to Europe and had offices in London and Paris. The company was bought by the Howe Machine Company, which was formed by Elias Howe and the Stockwell brothers in 1865, in 1873².

Some interesting facts about the Howe Sewing Machine Company are:

  • The company was one of the first to use Elias Howe’s patent for the lock stitch sewing machine and paid him royalties for every machine sold².
  • The company was involved in a legal dispute with Singer over patent infringement, which resulted in a settlement in favor of Howe in 1854³.
  • The company’s machines were praised for their simplicity, durability, and elegance and won several awards at international exhibitions².
  • The company’s logo featured a globe with the words “Howe’s Sewing Machine” and a star with the letter “H” on it².
  • The company’s machines were used by famous people, such as Queen Victoria, Napoleon III, and Abraham Lincoln².

Source: Conversation with Bing, 10/08/2023
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