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Fig. 1 shows the first stage in stitch The thread leading to the needle is loosened, because the thread take-up lever has begun its descent; the needle, after having descended to its lowest point, has been slightly raised and a loop of thread is thus formed which is immediately entered by the point of the formation.

Fig. 2 shows the second stage. The shuttle containing the bobbin of under thread, has fully entered the loop of needle thread, sufficient enlargement of the loop having been permitted by the descent of the thread take-up lever.

The shuttle travels to and fro in a carrier to which it is not fastened, but by which it is held in position. During the forward movement of the shuttle the loop of needle thread slips between the shuttle and the carrier, then 8out between the heel of the shuttle and the rear part of the carrier. The shuttle thread is thus enclosed in the loop of needle thread and both threads are then drawn up by the action of the thread take-up lever.