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Singer Machine No. 15-30
Oscillating Shuttle

Mechanism of Machine No. 15-30, a modern variety of Oscillating Shuttle Machine for light fabrics. 1600 stitches per minute

Shuttle Race Body

In 1879 the “Oscillating Shuttle” mechanism was patented and this laid the foundation for the “Improved Family” (Class 15) and the “Improved Manufacturing” (Class 16) of to-day.

The scientific design of the oscillating shuttle machines marked the beginning of a new era in sewing mechanism. The utmost care is taken in the shaping, construction and “timing” of all the various parts so that the machines shall produce perfect stitching with the least expenditure of energy, the least noise of action, and the greatest number of stitches in a given time. The original principles have since been embodied in many types and varieties of Singer machines now on the market and in use in many lines of manufactures, where they are accepted as most efficient for their special purposes.