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Singer Machine No. 127-3
Vibrating Shuttle

Mechanism of Machine No. 127-3, the V. S. Machine of to-day

The vibrating shuttle machine (V. S. No. 1) for foot power operation was patented in 1885 but was superseded by the V. 8S. No. 2, in 1887, which has been in vogue ever since, and millions of these machines are now in family use all over the world. They are distinguished for simplicity and strength of mechanism and are now known, in a modified form, as No. 127-3, illustrated above.

The vibrating shuttle is boat shaped and carries for cargo the bobbin containing the under thread.

It has a semi-circular movement or “throw” similar to a weaver’s shuttle and makes a complete stitch at each movement in one direction, and is then carried back to begin the next stitch.

The stitch formation by this and other types of shuttles is illustrated and described on succeeding pages.