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Vickers Company

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Turning Vickers Guns into Sewing Machines How one of the Leading Armament Manufacturers of Britain is applying a familiar biblical precept by FREDERICK A. TALBOT… Read More »Vickers Company

Glossary Sew

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This glossary of sewing terms for the beginner is an A-Z guide that explains many terms but also includes some tips and tricks that I… Read More »Glossary Sew

Glossary Terms

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Ultimate List of Sewing Terms to Know   Fabric Terms Bias – the diagonal direction of the fabric Cross Grain/Crosswise Grain/Weft/Fill – threads that run… Read More »Glossary Terms

Glossary Sewing

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Appliqué: The process of stitching a piece of fabric to another piece of fabric, and sewing close to the edges of the shape. Typically cut… Read More »Glossary Sewing

Glossary (wiki)

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This glossary contains terms used in sewing, tailoring and related crafts. For terms used in the creation or manufacturing of textiles, including spinning, knitting, weaving,… Read More »Glossary (wiki)